GMP Lasher Out-of-Warranty Flat Rate Repair Request

Under this service, every Lasher that comes to GMP will be Repaired for one flat model specific rate, listed in the “Out-of-Warranty Flat Rate Repair Price Policy” below:

Our Repair Process Includes the Following:

  1. Each unit is disassembled and cleaned.
  2. Components are inspected for wear or damage and replaced if they do not meet our strict OEM specifications.
  3. Each lasher is reassembled using the same process and standards as every NEW GMP Lasher is built.
  4. Finally, each repaired lasher is tested using the same process and equipment as every new GMP Lasher.

Procedure for sending your Lasher in for Repair

  1. You are responsible for the shipping cost to get your lasher to us for repair. Please send to the following address:

    General Machine Products (KT), LLC
    3111 Old Lincoln Highway
    “Attention Repair Department”
    Trevose- Feasterville, PA 19053 USA

    Please Note: GMP is NOT responsible for your lasher until we receive and sign for at our shipping dock. We recommend shipping with “SIGNATURE REQUIRED”. Please provide the shipment tracking number to your customer service representative with repair number reference once shipped.

  2. Please, no packing peanuts. Not only are they terrible for the environment but they are a pain to clean up after we open your box.
  3. Please return all parts that were originally sold with the lasher.
  4. Fill out the form below and include a copy of the PDF receipts with the lasher. They will return to you with Repair No. and Repair lead time.
  5. Before sending your lasher in, you must receive a completed repair request form back from customer service INCLUDING your Repair No. Please include a copy of form with each lasher that is being sent in for Repair.
  6. Failure to attach a completed Repair Request receipt (including repair number from customer service) to your lasher, may result in a $150 processing fee.
  7. A Repair Customer Service Representative will notify you via email when your lasher is received.

Out-of-Warranty Flat Rate Repair Price Policy

ModelFlat Rate Repair Price
C/C2 Lasher$2,250
Super G$7,010
J/ J2 Lasher$2,630
Apollo Lasher$3,360

Lashers will be repaired for this flat rate, regardless of the issue, up to a parts and labor retail value of what we consider to be BER (Beyond Economic Repair). These BER values are listed in the table below:

ModelBER (Beyond Economic Repair) Value
C/C2 Lasher$3,375
Super G$10,495
J/J2 Lasher$4,025
Apollo Lasher$5,050

If a lasher comes in for repair and is deemed to be Beyond Economic Repair (parts and labor cost is above the BER value listed in the BER chart above), the customer will be notified. These units can still be repaired; however, a new flat rate costing structure will apply, seen below.

ModelFlat Rate Over BER Value
C/C2 Lasher$4,725
Super G$14,695
J/J2 Lasher$5,635
Apollo Lasher$7,070

If a customer decides they do not want to repair a unit that is BER, return shipping is paid for by the customer.


If a customer requires conversion from J2 to J2B, pricing is listed below. We no longer repair C lashers, however conversion from C to C2 price is listed below.

ModelFlat Rate Over BER Value
J2 to J2B$2,750
C to C2$3,060

Flat Rate Repair Disclaimers:

  • Shipping to GMP is Paid by customer with “SIGNATURE REQUIRED”
  • If Lasher is Repaired (BER or Not), then return shipping to customer is included in the Flat Rate Price (international shipping rates apply)
  • If the lasher is BER and customer does not want unit to be repaired, then return shipping is paid by customer.
  • We are no longer repairing G lashers, ONLY SUPER G. Select repair parts for G lashers may still be available, check with your customer service representative for G Lasher parts you may need.

Payment Options

  • P.O.- Submit P.O. documents to customer Service Rep at time of submitting Repair Request Form
  • Credit Card- Lasher Repair will be placed in our queue once FULL payment is made according to flat rate price; a link will be emailed to you to process your credit card on a secure server, once payment has been made your repair tag number will be provided and your machine will now be in our queue.
  • Check- Lasher Repair will be placed in our queue once FULL payment is made according to flat rate price; please mail your check to General Machine Products (Address on Website) once check has cleared the bank, an email will be sent to you with your repair tag number at that time.
  • Customer Service will reach out (one time) via phone and email when lasher repairs are completed. If payments are not made after 14 calendar days of lasher completion a $500 late payment fee will be added to the total bill

For inquiries or questions about our repair services or lead times, please contact our repair service representatives:
Telephone: 215-436-6226

**Customer service will return to you with repair number and lead time authorizing you to send in your lasher. Please include the receeipt with repair number inside your lasher box when shipping to GMP for repair. This information will be used to contact you about the status of your repair.

From the selections below, please enter the number of requests you have for each lasher type and then click "Begin Repair Service Request."

Delete row Repair Service Type Serial Number Description of the lasher problem